Tactical Single Point Sling For AR15, M4, MP5, Shotguns and More!


Single Point Sling refined Like no other for AR 15, M4, Shotguns and more!  Button Sling.  This Elegant Design creates the Vital Link between operator and Weapon.  It rides (rotates) in the button groove like a monorail. It’s Stealthy Quiet, does not rattle!  Allowing smooth movement and accurate shooting in combat situations.  Never binding or getting in your way.  Button Sling Performs!  The Secret is in Our Button Pin.  A superior Design that is well beyond simple rings and hooks.  It gives you Rock Solid lock up, allowing the gun to be removed and attached quickly without difficult motor skills. When being just good enough is not enough there is Button Sling!

The Worlds Fastest Tactical Single Point Sling!

100% Designed and Made In The USA

Button Sling was the first patented Single Point Sling.  Our Research and Development Team has spent Many years testing and improving this Tactical Battle Sling. 

Currently in use by the US Military,  The Secret Service and Law Enforcement World Wide.  Our users are very important to us.  These operators and soldiers in the field experience situations that push the limits of Guns and Gear.  We have taken that feedback and created the Finest Single Point Gun Sling Possible!  Take a look,  try one and you will see.  Your Sling can just work fine or You can experience the fluid movement, and what our users call the positive “Click” of a true Tactical Button Sling.

As The Modern AR 15, M 16, or M4 Combat rifle has evolved, Button Sling has evolved with it.  But we didn’t stop there.  Check out the Sling mounts page and do what many are doing:  Pin All Your Guns and have the same sling that you can deploy with any weapon.  Be able to switch weapons in seconds as the need arises.  Always feeling that same fluid movement of The amazing Single Point Tactical Button Sling!

“The Original Patented Single Point Tactical Sling”

Tactical Single Point Sling for AR15

The Tactical Single Point Sling designed for total weapon readiness.

For A Superior Fighting Weapon